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Mini Bulb String Lights - Warm White - Green Cord - Set of 20
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Mini Bulb String Lights - Warm White - Green Cord - Set of 20

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Use DecoLights to add a decorative luminescence to your surroundings. Enhance your floral and craft designs. Ideal for adding that special glow to Weddings and Bridal Showers. Perfect for showcasing cherished collectibles.

  • Set contains 20 Clear Incandescent Lights on a Green Cord.
  • For Indoor Use Only.
  • If bulb burns out, the others remain lit.
  • Straight Line - No End Connector
  • Super Bright (0.72 watt / 6 volt) Bulbs
  • Bulb to Bulb Spacing - 3.5 inches
  • Total Length - 8 feet
  • Replaceable Fuse Plug
  • Spare Bulbs and Fuses Included.
  • 125 Volts

    Storage and Care:
  • To avoid tangles during storage, either coil lights or wrap around a piece of cardboard.
  • Store in a cool dry place that does not exceed 100 degrees.
  • Replace bulbs as they burn out. Burned out bulbs shorten the life of the remaining bulbs.
  • Store promptly after the season.
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