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Large 3-Wick Cake Candle - Gingerbread Cookie - 5.5in x 4.5in

Item: 2720712
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This large 3-wick hearth candle has a timeless signature, bumpy exterior and provides a beautiful glow to any room when burning. It's appropriate for any room as a stand alone display, or grouped together in a shabby chic or rustic decor setting. Christmas Tree Hill has the largest and best real-flame candles in the country.

  • Brand: Christmas Tree Hill
  • Fragrance: Gingerbread Cookie
  • Size: Approximately 5.5in W x 4.5in H
  • Product Info: Candle weight is approximately 3.5 lbs

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***Important Note: All decor items in picture with this candle are sold separately. If available, these accessories will be displayed in the related items section of this page.

Best Practices for Burning a 3-wick Cake Candle
  • Keep wick trimmed to rougly 1/4in (0.25in) before burning each time to prevent the flame from burning too hot.
  • For the first burn, trim the wicks to roughly 1/4in and light all wicks. Burn candle until a round depression is made around the 3 wicks by the flames and the hot wax (roughly 20-30 minutes). This round depression is called the candle well. Extinguish the flames and then let the hot wax cool and harden. Once the candle well is in place, future burns will be influenced to burn down well instead of straight out and overflow the sides of your cake candle.
  • After the first burn, we recommmend that you burn cake candles no longer than 2-3 hours at a time.
  • We recommend using an open-topped walled glass or other heat resistant container when the cake candle gets shorter and/or the candle walls become thin or too short to contain the hot wax in the candle well. Once inside a container, the wax may spill over the sides, but thats ok! It will begin to morph into a jar candle as long as the wick stays above the top of candle.
  • We recommend using an open-topped walled glass or other heat resistant container while burning cake candles if you have pets or small children to prevent tip-overs.
  • A burning candle should be supervised at all times.