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Framed Print - Birdhouse With Wrens - 20x16 - Bonnie Fisher

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You can almost hear the birds chirping when you look at the Bonnie Fisher Birdhouse with Wrens framed print from Christmas Tree Hill. This lively country print includes five birdhouses arranged in a row with wildflowers and wrens. The beautiful print is the perfect choice for any country or farmhouse home and has a craquelure faux finish to complete the design. Prints measure 20" x 16" including the frame, which is made from 2-inch thick, two-tone black and walnut wood to accent the paintings of wrens.


  • Design: Birdhouse with Wrens
  • Artist: Bonnie Fisher
  • Size: 20" x 16" including frame
  • Frame: 2-inch-thick two-tone black and walnut
  • Matboard: None
  • Glazing: Craquelure faux finish
  • Paper: Matte paper

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