Garden Route - "Pumpkin Spice Refresher Oil"

Garden Route - "Pumpkin Spice Refresher Oil"

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Refresh your home with a fall favorite when you choose Pumpkin Spice Refresher Oil from Christmas Tree Hill. Our refresher oil features a festive blend of ripe pumpkin, spicy cinnamon, Valencia orange, Granny Smith apples and sweet clove buds. The pumpkin spice scented oil is shipped in a 30ml spray bottle that's ready to spritz throughout your home. Use the oil in your bedroom, your living areas or anywhere else that needs a quick refresh.

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Garden Route Pumpkin Spice Refresher Oil is made from the highest quality components, including a top grade carrier oil. The oil is infused with a special blend of scents to create a classic pumpkin spice scent. The oil can safely be sprayed on a variety of surfaces, and although it smells good enough to eat, it's strictly for external use only. Keep a bottle of pumpkin spice room spray in your bathroom and one in your living room so your entire house can smell like the fall. For more scent-sational aromas, shop our entire collection of Garden Route Botanicals to find potpourris and room sprays in a variety of scents.


  • Size: 30ml spray bottle
  • Pump included