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Earth Rug - Braided Stair Tread - Pineapple - 8.25x27

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The Earth Rug Braided Pineapple Stair Tread from Christmas Tree Hill offers a touch of the tropics, right at home. Designed to provide traction on the stairs, the stair treads are made from 100% natural jute fiber and feel like you're walking on grass. Designed by Earth Rug Artists, the stair treads feature a fun pineapple design that look the same whether they are viewed from the top or bottom. The natural colors of the treads help them match any décor.

Safety and Style

The Earth Rug Braided Pineapple Stair Tread is designed with both safety and style in mind. Stair treads are rugs that go on the stairs to help provide traction and to prevent slipping. The jute rugs deliver an unbeatable amount of traction while still feeling soft to the touch. The stair rugs are easy to install and are oval in shape with finished edges for a professional look without the professional installation. Each tread measures approximately 8 1/4 inches high by 27 inches wide.

Tropical Design

Tropical prints are in whether you live in the tropics or not. Make sure your home is ready for the summer or gives off that cool beach vibe with Earth Rug Braided Pineapple Stair Treads from Christmas Tree Hill. Featuring pineapples, soft neutral colors and a few squiggles for added interest, the stair treads are truly one of a kind. View from any angle and see three perky pineapples lined up in a row. Order one tread for a single step situation or pick up a dozen to line your staircase and to keep your family members safe.

Say goodbye to slippery stairs when you shop for Earth Rug Braided Pineapple Stair Treads at Christmas Tree Hill. The treads are unique in style, yet completely functional. Pair them with a Tropical Smoothie Candle or a set of pineapple string lights to complete your tropical theme. Christmas Tree Hill is your source for unique and tropical home décor solutions.


  • Shape: Oval
  • Color: Pineapple
  • Size: 8 1/4" x 27"

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