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Byers Choice Carolers - Salvation Army

Almost everyone is familiar with Salvation Army bell ringers standing in front of stores during the holiday season to collect donations in their bright red buckets. Holiday drives are one the leading sources of funds for the organization, which helps over 4.5 million people throughout the year. Byers Choice is proud to honor the organization with their line of Salvation Army carolers. Buyers Choice Carolers are made in Pennsylvania and are available at Christmas Tree Hill. The figures make the perfect addition to any collection or holiday display.
Bring Home a Tradition.

Byers Choice Carolers are a holiday tradition for many families, as is giving to Salvation Army bell ringers when entering or exiting stores. Combine the two traditions into one timeless memory with a Byers Choice Salvation Army figure from Christmas Tree Hill. We carry several versions of the figures to choose from, so you can order a Salvation Army Girl, a Salvation Army Man or even an iconic red Salvation Army Kettle. Add the figures to your existing display as a way of bringing home a holiday tradition.

Exceptional Detail and Charm

Byers Choice Carolers are beloved because of their exceptional detail and charm. The figures perfectly proportioned and are beautifully detailed, with rosy cheeks, expressive eyes and a perfectly rounded mouth, as if caught in mid-tune. The figures are smartly dressed in traditional clothes ranging from wool coats to full suits. The Salvation Army collection also incorporates the organization's logo on hats, signs and other components worn or held by the figures.

Expand your Byers Choice Carolers collection while bringing home a holiday tradition when you order a Byers Choice Carolers Salvation Army figure from Christmas Tree Hill. The beautiful figures are perfect for displaying in your home and they make an excellent gift idea for any collector. Choose your favorite figures today and bring home a little holiday magic.