Department 56 Village - "Village 6 Socket Light Set"

Department 56 Village - "Village 6 Socket Light Set"

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Streamline your Department 56 Village's electrical grid with a Village 6-Socket Light Set from Christmas Tree Hill. Instead of having an individual cord for each of your village pieces, replace up to six single cords with one switched cord using a Village 6-Socket Light Set. The multi-outlet cord reduces the number of outlets needed to illuminate your tiny town without a reduction in light brightness or quality. The cord has six sockets already in place, so all you have to do is add bulbs.


  • Cord Length: 12 ft
  • Power: Switched On/Off - Electric
The Village 6-Socket Light Set from Christmas Tree Hill is easy to use and will help streamline set up and take down of your village. Because there is only one cord instead of six, there's less potential for tangling, less cords to wrap and store and less mess. The cord lights for Christmas village comes with a built-in switch so you can turn the lights on and off in your town without having to remove any plugs from the outlet. This handy feature helps conserve energy and allows you to place your village in areas where the nearest outlet may be hard to reach.

The Village 6-Socket Light Set is white in color. That makes it easy to conceal amongst your village's artificial snow. Because you are replacing up to six individual cords with one single cord, it also reduces clutter near your village pieces. Since you're only using one outlet for the cord, you can even justify expanding your collection by adding some of our other Department 56 Village pieces.

If you're looking for an easy and affordable solution to your village's power needs, consider ordering a Village 6-Socket Light Set from Christmas Tree Hill. The multi-outlet cord is easy to use, affordable and reliable. It's great for medium to large collections and can easily be tucked away out of sight. Order one cord for every six light-up buildings in your collection and make holiday decorating easier than ever.