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Department 56 Village - Alpine Village Collection

Start your holidays off right with the Department 56 Alpine Village collection from Christmas Tree Hill. The delicate collection encompasses a variety of villagers, buildings and other features to transform your tabletop town into a true Alpine wonderland. Made to the exacting standards of the Department 56 Village brand, the Alpine Village collection is sure to please. Choose from intricately detailed lit buildings and plenty of accessories that are as unique and diverse as the towns and hamlets in the Bavarian regions for which they are modeled after.

The buildings in the Alpines are styled differently than any other buildings in the rest of the world and that unique architecture is perfectly captured in the Dept 56 Alpine Village collection from Christmas Tree Hill. Buildings have contrasting trim, steeply sloped eaves, plenty of windows and chimneys peeking out from beneath snow-capped roofs. Order homes, businesses and even a clocktower to complete your collection. The buildings are so detailed and so lifelike that you may think you’re walking through a tiny Bavarian village when you look at your tabletop town.


No town is complete without some villagers. Fortunately, the Alpine Village collection includes several happy townspeople to choose from, in traditional Bavarian attire. Order a fancy Alpine family, a couple toasting to a happy event or even a boy with a calf. All of the villagers in the Alpine Village collection are beautifully detailed and dressed in a traditional style to make your village truly complete. The freestanding figures can be positioned as desired, bringing your village to life.

Create your own Bavarian retreat this holiday season by ordering pieces from the Alpine Village collection from Christmas Tree Hill. Take advantage of Christmas Tree Hill’s exceptional selection and mix and match a variety of pieces to create your own unique village display. Christmas village pieces also make great gifts for avid collectors, so pick out a piece to give to the Department 56 Alpine Village enthusiast in your life.