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Old World Christmas Glass Ornament - The Bride's Tree Collection

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The Bride's Tree Collection by Old World Christmas is a 12-piece set of glass ornaments that are thought to bring happiness and good luck to a marriage when hung on the Christmas tree during the first year of marriage. The set is based on an old German tradition, and each piece represents something different. The glass ornament set features 12 beautiful pieces that are all handmade by master artisans at Old World Christmas.

According to the German tradition, the tree of a newlywed couple should include specific ornaments to ensure happiness. The glass Christmas ornaments are:

  • An Angel - God's Guidance in the Home
  • A House - Shelter and Protection
  • A Rabbit - Hope and Faith
  • A Teapot - Hospitality
  • A Bird - Happiness and Joy
  • A Rose - Beauty and Affection
  • A Fruit Basket - Generosity
  • A Fish - God's Blessing
  • A Pinecone - Motherhood & Fruitfulness
  • A Santa - Unselfishness and Goodwill
  • A Flower Bouquet - Good Wishes
  • A Heart - True Love

The box set is beautifully presented and makes a fantastic wedding gift for any bride. The gift box doubles as a storage box to keep the hand-blown Christmas ornaments safe and protected between uses. The inside of the box is lined with white satin to keep dust out of the crevices and to ensure the German Christmas ornaments maintain their luster during storage. The newlyweds Christmas Ornaments vary in size from 2 1/4 inches to 5 1/4 inches.

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