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Id Badge Lanyards - Retractable Badge Reels - Card Holders

Id Badge Lanyards - Retractable Badge Reels - Card Holders
Keep your ID or badge visible and secure with lanyards and badge holders from Christmas Tree Hill. Our selection of professional and affordable ID badge lanyards, retractable ID badge reels and badge clips are designed with work routines in mind. The ID badge holders are fun, affordable and fashionable, featuring beautiful prints, beading and even novelty prints. Order your favorite badge holders today from Christmas Tree Hill to inject your workwear with a little bit of personality.
Badge Reels

Badge reels offer the perfect solution for those in the workforce that don't want to wear a lanyard around their neck. Retractable ID badge holders allow the wearer to swipe an ID card or present a badge to a customer or patient without having to take it off. When the ID isn't needed, the retractable reel pulls the ID close, keeping it safe and preventing badge loss.

In addition to a selection of black and silver retractable badge clips, Christmas Tree Hill also offers a variety of printed and novelty styles to choose from, including clever prints specifically designed for nurses and other medical professionals. Enjoy a selection of retractable badge clips featuring nursing-related puns and pictures, adding a playful touch to an otherwise serious profession. A heavy-duty metal clip on the back of the badge reels allows them to easily attach to a pocket or neckline.


For those that prefer to wear their ID around their neck, Christmas Tree Hill offers a large selection of lanyards. Order a colorful printed lanyard with a wide band or a pretty beaded ID lanyard with plenty sparkle. All of our lanyards include heavy-duty badge clips to keep your ID, keys and other essentials safe. The lanyards are designed to be as comfortable to wear as possible, offering an all-day solution to keeping ID cards out and at the ready.

Lanyards from Christmas Tree Hill come in one standard length to fit all wearers, so there's never any guessing about size. Lanyards make great gifts for co-workers, friends starting new jobs and family members in the medical field. Order lanyards in a variety of colors to wear every day of the week and take advantage of Christmas Tree Hill's exceptional selection.