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Christopher Radko Ornaments – Glass Animal Ornaments

Evoke the magic of the holidays with the help of the animal kingdom, depicted here in all its glory. Like other European glass ornament collections from Christopher Radko, these glass animal ornaments are inspired by vintage mouth-blown glass ornaments. They’re painstakingly handcrafted by highly skilled artisans using time-honored techniques dating back to Renaissance times. This includes meticulous carving and molding, glass blowing, silvering and hand painting every detail — a process that takes weeks to finish.
Collectible and Treasured Animal Ornaments

Each of these Radko glass animal ornaments is bursting with homey charm and is an instant treasured family heirloom that will be passed from generation to generation. Radko glass ornaments are highly valued by collectors, as they are widely recognized to be among the finest of traditional holiday decorative pieces.

Imagine the family Christmas tree being adorned with these colorful creatures while family and friends marvel at the high quality and fine detailing. For a particularly adorable addition to your holiday collection, look for Muffy VanderBear ornaments ornaments in themed outfits such as a little peddler or a Baroque-style angel.

Decorating with Glass Animal Ornaments

While these animal glass ornaments look stunning on a large tree, they can also be visually effective in other settings around the home. Hang them from a smaller tabletop tree or potted plant. Use them as part of an imaginative table centerpiece for a special occasion. Why not think ‘outside the box’ and dangle them from a graceful chandelier or from a staircase banister as part of your holiday decor?

These colorful, artistic animal ornaments are not just for the holidays, either. They can add a touch of class in many places around the home from hanging fixtures strategically placed in windows to dressing up decorative string lights, wreaths and garlands.

Discover a Treasure Trove of Uncommon Delights

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