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Byers Choice Caroler Accessory - Caroler Storage Box
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Byers Choice Caroler Accessory - Caroler Storage Box

Item: 1095003
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Keep your carolers cozy between outings by ordering a Byers Choice Caroler Storage Box from Christmas Tree Hill. The box is designed to store and separate up to 12 Caroler figurines. The storage unit is made of sturdy cardboard with a protective vinyl cover the ensure your favorite carolers are safe and secure between the seasons. Reinforced metal corners add extra strength and structure to the box, making it the perfect storage solution.

The Byers Choice Caroler Storage Box is a must-have for collectors. The box even comes with a space for a label on the front so you can note which carolers are in the box in the even that your collection includes more than 12 figurines. The interior of the box is made from white, lint-free material that will keep your figurines dust-free and ready for display. The box has a secure lid that keeps out dirt, debris and sunlight, so figurines won't fade or lose their luster.

  • Measures 17 1/2" L x 15 1/2" W x 14" T
  • Holds 12 figurines
  • Lid included

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