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Byers Choice Accessories for Holiday Caroler Displays

If you’re the proud owner of a Byers Choice Caroler display, we have authentic Byers Choice accessories and props direct from the manufacturer that will make your beautiful holiday display truly shine and impress. An indoor caroling scene is the perfect way to celebrate the season and bring wonder and joy to your family’s Christmas holidays. For many families, taking out their caroler figurines is an emotionally touching time shared with their loved ones. As with the company’s distinctive carolers, each accessory piece is intricately designed and highly detailed.
The History of the Byers Choice Carolers

Byers Choice Carolers began their story in the late 1960s, when an amateur artist with a fashion design degree was dismayed at the garish holiday decorations that were in vogue at the time. She yearned for the warmth and fond memories of her family’s Christmas traditions. She and her husband soon began designing their carolers, which won immediate approval from the public. In 1978, they hired skilled artisans and turned their Pennsylvania garage workshop into a proper business. The rest, as they say, is history!

Byers Choice Accessories: Animals, Trees and Other Collectible Pieces

These days, Byers Choice carolers and accessories are collectors’ items. In addition to their classic carolers, the company also makes exquisite “props” to add more authenticity and visual interest to your caroling display.

We offer a selection of these authentic accessories including animals, trees and other items. A decorated lamp post has a working flicker flame bulb that replicates a vintage lamp post. You can create your own village marketplace with a table of sweets or a nativity market stall. There’s also a wreath, a popcorn garland and a colorful sleigh filled with toys. Every year, the company offers new items, so check back often.

In addition to accessories, we offer a display riser kit to properly display your figures and accessories for maximum effect. You can give an extra festive touch to your tabletop display with our lifelike artificial sprays, stems and more plus your favorite garland hanging around the table’s edge. There’s also a sturdy storage box for those times when you must reluctantly say goodbye to your carolers — but just until next year!

The Christmas Tree Hill Promise

At Christmas Tree Hill, our mission is to provide our customers with the highest quality home decor, fashion, personal care, holiday decor and gifts at a great value. These aren’t ordinary products that you’ll find at a large retail store. We cater to discriminating tastes, bringing together the most unique items that will pamper you, enhance your home and delight gift recipients.