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Floral Candle Ring - Garden Bliss Purple - 3in

Item: 1107308
$12.99 $9.99
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The Garden Bliss Floral Candle Ring from Christmas Tree Hill is petite, purple and perfect to use all year long. The floral candle ring has realistic looking flowers in a breathtaking purple hue that will remind you of spring and summer gardens. The all-artificial material candle rings are easy to care for and are perfect for use in centerpieces and other tabletop displays. Order a single candle ring or a dozen and enjoy Christmas Tree Hill's value pricing.

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Colorful Candle Ring

The Garden Bliss Floral Candle Ring is colorful and enchanting. The flowery candle ring features an abundance of green leaves and purple flowers, adding an ethereal feel to an otherwise simple design. This ring looks to be bursting with life, and the vibrant colors are not dulled by everyday use. Pair the candle ring with a simple pillar candle for a true statement piece. Not a fan of open flames? This attractive candle ring even works with our battery-operated pillar candles, which are flameless and safe for use indoors.

Small Size, Big Style

The Garden Bliss Floral Candle Ring measures just three inches in diameter, though the outer diameter is a more impressive 12 inches. The candle ring is small in size, but big on style, making it easy to dress up your favorite pillar candles or candlesticks. The petite inner diameter allows the candle ring to fit snuggly against your favorite candles and candle holders, for a seamless and more natural appearance. Looking for something else? Shop for candle rings by size to find the perfect addition to your décor.

Visit Christmas Tree Hill for the best selection of premium candle rings to bring you home décor together. The Garden Bliss Floral Candle Ring is just one of the styles we offer, with purple flowers and tons of foliage. Christmas Tree Hill has been in business since 1971 and is your source for unique home décor items, like our premium artificial floral candle rings.


  • Spring and Summer Floral Collection
  • Artificial Materials
  • Inner Diameter: 3 inch
  • Outer Diameter: 12 inch