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Fontanini Nativity - 5in Collection - Sheep Shelter

Item: 1280316
Availability: In Stock - Normally ships within 3-8 business days
Celebrate the reason for the season with Fontanini Nativity Figures from Christmas Tree Hill. Fontanini Nativity Figures are heirloom quality and are based on an old Italian custom of creating images to honor the Holy Family. Choose from starter sets with the entire Holy Family in a stable or order individual figures like angels, camels, donkeys, shepherds and more. Start with a basic set and add to your collection each year by ordering a new figurine from Christmas Tree Hill. With many different figures to choose from, it’s easy to continually expand and grow your collection.

  • Style: Sheep Shelter
  • Size: 5.5in H x 6.5in W x 8.3in L
  • Product Notes: Designed for the 5 inch collection

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