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Plug in Wax Warmer - Porcelain Owl Plug In

Item: 3183003
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The Plug In Wax Warmers by Candle Warmers are decorative and versatile fragranced wax warmers. They can be used with any outlet, both vertically and horizontally, by twisting the plug base. Ideal for above counter outlets in small room spaces. These warmers are designed using materials such as metal, glass, ceramic and porcelain.


  • DESIGN: This retro porcelain owl can make its nest in a modern environment, thanks to a beautiful subtle ivory finish.
  • FUNCTION: Pluggable Fragrance Warmers can be used in both vertical and horizontal outlets by twisting the plug base, making them ideal for above counter outlets in small rooms and spaces.
  • SMALL-SPACE FRAGRANCE: Use with one of our wax melts.
  • SPECS: Overall dimensions are 3.3in H x 2.6in W. One Plug In Wax Warmer Replacement Bulb - 15 Watt Incandescent included.

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