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NeeDoh Stress Ball - Changing Colors Sensory Toy - Assorted Color

Item: 4750012
$5.39 $4.29
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Feeling a little stressed? Reach for a color-changing NeeDoh Stress Ball from Christmas Tree Hill. The color-changing sensory toy will soothe your soul and blow your mind at the same time. Perfectly portable, you can keep the stress ball at home or bring it to school or the office to help you face stress head on.

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Stress balls have been around for a long time, but not many of them change colors like the NeeDoh Stress Ball does. Watch in awe as your ball changes from one shade to another and back again with every squeeze. You’ll soon forget your worries and stressors as you squish, squeeze and twist the ball into different shapes. The stress ball also doubles as a sensory toy or fidget toy, making it a great gift for kids ages 3 and up. Please note that stress balls are sold in assorted colors and the color you get will be chosen randomly.


  • Color: Assorted (chosen randomly)
  • Ages: 3+
  • Product Notes: Sensory ball. Great fidget toy for kids and adults.