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Window Candle - Sensor Battery Operated Williamsburg Candle - Pewter

Item: 5440013
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Give your house old fashioned appeal when you place a Williamsburg Candle in each window this holiday season. The battery-operated electric window candles feature stunning pewter bases for that antique look you love. They also have built-in sensors that detect light levels and automatically turn the candle lights on and off according to the daylight levels outside. The Williamsburg Candle is one of the best battery-powered candle lights on the market and can last over 1,000 hours with a single set of AA batteries.

In addition to rustic charm, the Williamsburg Candle offers a variety of other features that make it one of our most beloved window candles. The modest height of nine inches works well in both vertical and horizontal windows while the padded base helps keep the candle in place. Because the lights are battery operated, there’s never any cords to worry about and you can place the candles as far away from an outlet as you wish. They’re the perfect choice for hard-to-reach places because they turn on and off automatically. Williamsburg window candles require little maintenance and will shine brightly all season long.

  • Automatic Sensor turns light on at dusk and off at dawn
  • Natural amber glow
  • 150,000 hour non-burn bulb
  • Fits all windows
  • No outlets or cords required
  • Lasts over 1000 hours on two AA batteries
  • Padded non-tip base
  • Size: 9-inch

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