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Window Candle - Battery-Operated Dual-Intensity Chamber Light - Nickel

Item: 6320003
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Add a touch of tradition and charm to your home décor with a Dual-Intensity Battery-Operated Window Candle with a nickel oval chamberstick base. The window candle boasts an automatic timer that turns the light on for six hours every evening. A warm white LED bulb casts a gentle light while using very little energy for an easy and efficient way to brighten up any window or small space. The candle is designed to sit on a window sill and the small footprint of the base ensures stability on a variety of spaces.

The Dual-Intensity Battery-Operated Candle is meant to be used in the window. The dual-intensity bulb shines brighter on one side and more subdued on the other, so you can face the bright side of the bulb out for a stunning display while the less bright side faces inward, keeping your indoor spaces comfortable. The candle-operated light has no cords, so outlet availability is never an issue. The lamp can operate for up to 30 days on just four standard AA batteries.


  1. Automatic Timer turns Light on for six hours every evening
  2. Warm White LED bulb
  3. Dual-intensity LED so candle shines brightly outside and softly inside
  4. Fits most windows
  5. No outlets or cords required
  6. Lasts 30 days on four AA batteries
  7. Sturdy metal oval base fits on narrow windowsills
  8. Size: 10 1/4"

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