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Window Candle - Battery-Operated Dual-Intensity Candle Light - Black

Item: 6320103
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Window candle lights are some of the most traditional holiday decorations you can buy. Not only will they brighten up your home's curb appeal during the holiday season, they also act as welcome lights for your windows, letting guests and passersby know that you're home for the holidays. Battery-Operated Dual-Intensity Window Candles have the ability to shine brightly or to give off a gentler glow depending on your needs. They have a matte black base that adds stability to the piece and matches most décor styles with ease. The candle fits in any window and there are never any cords required so you can get creative with your placement.

The Battery-Operated Dual-Intensity Window Candle is easy to use and will run for approximately 30 days on four AA batteries. The candles are also adjustable, and the unique design allow them to go from 10 to 12 inches to fit your needs. Candles ship with a warm white LED bulb and replacement torpedo-style dual-intensity bulbs are also available.


  • Automatic Timer turns light on for six hours every evening
  • Warm white LED bulb
  • Dual-intensity LED so candle shines brightly outside and softly inside
  • Fits all windows
  • No outlets or cords required
  • Lasts 30 days on four AA batteries
  • Candle Sleeve Color: ivory
  • Sturdy Metal Base: 2 1/4 inches in diameter
  • Size: adjustable to either 10 inches or 12 inches

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