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Garden Route - Cinnamon Refresher Oil

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Freshen up any space with Garden Route Cinnamon Refresher Oil from Christmas Tree Hill. The potent refresher oil can be used as a room or fabric spray and features the essence of spicy cinnamon bark. Garden Route refresher oil is packaged in a 30 ml spray bottle with a pump style top for easy dispensing. Simply aim, pump and spray your way to a better aroma for your home or office. The cinnamon fragrance is long-lasting and safer to use than other types of home fragrancing products that may have an open flame or require electricity.

Cinnamon Refresher Oil from Christmas Tree Hill features a high-quality carrier oil base that won’t stain fabrics or spoil at room temperature. Garden Route essential oil is infused with the essence of spicy cinnamon bark, so every spritz carriers a powerful fragrance. Just a few sprays of Garden Route oil all it will take to transform your small to medium size room into a cinnamon-scented haven. Use the refresher spray in the living room, the bedroom, the bathroom or even in the office for a spicy, invigorating scent you’ll love. Check out our complete collection of Garden Route fragrancing products for even more exciting scents.

  • Cinnamon scented
  • 30 ml spray bottle

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