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Byers Choice Carolers - A Christmas Carol Series

A Christmas Carol is a classic holiday tale, with a multi-generational fanbase. If you’re one of the millions that can’t get enough of the timeless classic, you need to check out the Byers Choice Carolers A Christmas Carol Series from Christmas Tree Hill. The series includes dozens of Christmas Carol characters, decked out in period attire and ready to make your holidays a little bit better.
Attractive Costumes

What makes the Byers Choice Carolers A Christmas Carol Series so special is the costumes the carolers are wearing. The costumes are unique to the story and true to the time period that A Christmas Carol is set in, so you can easily identify The Spirit of Christmas Past, Tiny Tim, Scrooge and all of your other favorite characters. Of course, the figures also have the angelic faces that are common in the Byers Choice Carolers collection, with mouths pursed to singe a jovial tune.

Quality Construction

Byers Choice is known for producing high-quality holiday figurines and the Christmas Carol Series is no exception. The figurines are made from durable materials and are expertly crafted with strict attention to detail. Designed to not only look like figures from the movie, but also like Byers Choice Carolers, the Christmas Carole Series offer the perfect blend of holiday tradition and modern craftsmanship. From beautifully detailed clothing perfectly designed to match period attire to hand painted faces on each caroler, the collection is truly unique and spectacular.

Order your favorite figures from the Byers Choice Carolers A Christmas Carole series today and give your holiday collection a little Hollywood magic. A Christmas Carol is a holiday classic and what better way to relieve your favorite moments from the tale than with Byers Choice Carolers from Christmas Tree Hill. Order your favorite figurines today and take advantage of our fast shipping and unbeatable customer service.