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Byers Choice Carolers - Santa And Mrs. Claus

Christmas isn't complete without Santa and Mrs. Clause. Byers Choice Carolers brings the holiday magic to life with a complete collection of your favorite Christmas couple dressed in outfits ranging from the traditional red and white to more exotic combinations. The collection strives to transform Santa into a real person with hobbies and interests outside of Christmas. Perfect for collectors or holiday enthusiasts, the Byers Choice Carolers Santa and Mrs. Claus Collection from Christmas Tree Hill is sure to please.
Traditional Santa and Mrs. Claus

For those that prefer a more traditional look, Santa and Mrs. Clause can be found in all of their red and white glory in the Byers Choice collection. Choose from designs like Wine Santa or Red Velvet Mrs. Claus to add holiday cheer to your seasonal display. Byers Choice Carolers are made in America and are beautifully hand-detailed to bring out their magic. Each figure is freestanding and measures approximately a foot tall.

Non-Traditional Santa and Mrs. Claus

Looking for something a little more unique? Pick out a Byers Choice Santa or Mrs. Claus figure in less traditional garb. The Nautical Santa offers a playful glimpse into what the man in the red suit does during the off-season while the Nautical Mrs. Claus identifies with beach-goers. The realistic representations make it easy to believe that Santa and Mrs. Claus have lives outside of toy making. They are the perfect choice for collectors that are looking for designs that are a little less ordinary.

Byers Choice Carolers are limited in edition and in quantity, so if you see a design you like, order it quickly. Once these Christmas figures are gone, they won't be available ever again, so shop our Byers Choice Carolers Santa and Mrs. Claus Collection today and order all of your holiday favorites.