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Hobby and Occupation Ornaments – Christmas Ornaments

Why settle for generic Christmas tree ornaments? Our hobby and occupation ornaments are anything but run-of-the-mill! These unique, personalized tree ornaments honor hard-working men and women as well as those dedicated to a special hobby or craft. Design a special tree for your family and friends to enjoy that is customized to your family’s businesses and personal endeavors. These aren’t your ordinary cheap Christmas ornaments. They’re intricately designed, made from materials such as resin and mouth-blown glass, and are hand-painted with vibrant colors. They’re colorful, they tell a story, and they’re destined to become family keepsakes.
Christmas Ornaments for Many Jobs and Interests

Are you a nurse, teacher, police officer, firefighter or school bus driver? We have custom ornaments just for you! There are many occupations honored here from actors and artists to mail carriers, chefs and those who drive the big rigs. If you’re involved in farming and are looking for something very specialized, like 2018 John Deere Christmas ornaments, we even have an ornament for you — a John Deere diesel tractor. Honor your courageous soldier or proud veteran with a Christmas tree ornament that recognizes their service.

For hobbyists, we have exciting and fun ornaments for you as well. You’ll find a backpack for hikers, a camera for amateur photographers and a bookworm ornament for those who love to read. There are ornaments for cyclers, horse racing enthusiasts, kids in the school marching band, scuba divers, first-time drivers and golfers, among others.

If you’re reaching for the best ornaments for hunters and fishers or festive, sporty ornaments for the athletic friend or loved one in your life, shop our high quality decorations for anything from fishing to yoga and soccer.

Collectible Old World Christmas Ornaments

Old World Christmas is a distinguished company well known by collectors of Christmas ornaments and decor. Their special collections of mouth-blown glass ornaments are inspired by vintage European glass ornaments from the 19th century. They handcraft their ornaments using traditional techniques, and each piece is hand-painted with glitter added for an artistic creation. We offer a sweet selection of their highly detailed and incredibly charming glass ornaments.

Christmas Tree Hill – Family Owned Since 1971

We’re proud of our history and our family tradition. For more than 40 years, we’ve specialized in uncommon gifts, home and garden decor, Christmas decor, jewelry and fashion, candles, fragrances and personal care products, offering our customers the highest quality products at a great value.