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Wax Candle Adapter - Wax Candle Adhesive

Item: 9220051
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A tipped candle can be detrimental to your centerpieces and displays, not to mention it can be a real hazard if the candle was to be lit. Keep candles upright with a Wax Candle Adapter from Christmas Tree Hill. Wax Candle Adapters are easy to use and are safe for all shapes and sizes of candles. The adhesive wax buttons work by acting as a candle adhesive, holding the candle upright in the display or on the candle holder. The wax adapters make sure your favorite candles fit perfectly into your favorite candle holders without tipping, leaning or falling off. Best of all, using wax to hold candles in place is a non-permanent, non-damaging solution to a common problem. Wax Candle Adapters are compatible with real or flameless candles of all shapes and sizes, so you can use one package of adapters for all of your candle holding needs.

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Wax Candle Adapters from Christmas Tree Hill are affordable and easy to use. Just place the adapter piece between the candle and the candle holder for a secure fit that can easily be removed down the road. Candle adapters are mess-free and have no drying time, so your newly secured candle will be ready for display right away. The tacky wax candle adapters can be used with any color of candle. The small mound of candle sticky wax cannot be seen when the candle is in place, so they're the perfect solution for use with centerpieces and special displays. Wax Candle Adapters can also be used to repair melted or misshapen candle displays. The wax adhesive easily corrects any flaws in the shape of the candles, compensating for uneven or partially melted pillar candles, taper candles or round candles. Candle adapters are sold in 15-piece packages, so you'll always have enough adapters for any display.

  • 15 wax candle adapters per package
  • Non-permanent hold
  • Mess-free
  • No drying time