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Animal and Bird-Themed Christmas Tree Ornaments

When you’re decorating your tree and home decor for the holidays, don’t forget your animal friends! We offer a wide assortment of animal and bird-themed Christmas tree ornaments that will bring the wonder of nature to your indoor display. Whether you’re looking for white bird Christmas ornaments or colorful bird and animal ornaments to dress up a potted plant, we have them right here. These artistically designed and whimsical, fun ornaments are great all year round as accents for plants, to display in curio cabinets and add to creative table centerpieces.
Unique Animal Christmas Tree Ornaments

For added color and the sweet essence of the animal kingdom, we have various animal ornaments to choose from such as lifelike birds, peace-loving doves, a colorful peacock and a glittering unicorn. There’s a turtle carrying gifts, a furry fox, dressed-up mice, a comedic deer in an outhouse and owl Christmas tree ornaments.

To bring the essence of the animal world indoors, a bird Christmas tree ornament perched on a branch is a perfect addition. There are also glass ball ornaments that profess to the world how you feel about your four-legged friend.

Old World Christmas Glass Ornaments

Is a beloved dog an important member of your family? Honor them with their own exquisite glass ornament. Choose from various dog breeds such as a Labrador puppy, Jack Russell Terrier, Havanese, English Mastiff, Irish Doodle, Pug, French Bulldog and Newfoundland. If you can’t find your breed, don’t worry.

Old World Christmas glass ornaments are inspired by vintage European glass ornaments from the 1800s. They’re handcrafted using time-tested techniques such as mouth-blown glass and expertly hand-painted and glittered for amazing artistic creations that will instantly become treasured family heirlooms.

In addition to dogs, you’ll discover other exquisite glass animal ornaments that will look amazing on your tree. There’s everything from a great egret and a hamster to a barn owl and carousel horse. For even more holiday-themed animal ornaments, Christopher Radko offers their own collection of animal handcrafted glass ornaments from frogs and dolphins to birds and bears.

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