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Department 56 Dickens Village - Ebenezer Scrooges House - A Christmas Carol

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Step back in time to cobblestone streets, gas streetlamps and horse-drawn carriages with the Department 56 Dickens Village collection from Christmas Tree Hill. The collection includes Ebenezer Scrooge's House in stunning detail, complete with a tiled roof, snow drifts and boards patching the front window. The band-painted building is inspired by Dicken's novel and brings the magic of A Christmas Carol to life.

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Beautifully Detailed Design

Ebenezer Scrooge's house is an unwise combination of wealth and frugality. The Department 56 Dicken's Village Ebenezer Scrooge's House figure is large and impressive, with a tiled roof, a chimney and plenty of windows, but it also displays Ebenezer's less savory side as evident in the patched windows. The abundantly detailed piece will draw you in and make you feel like you're really about to walk into Ebenezer's house as you gaze at the windows trying to get a glimpse within.

Complete Dickensian Collection

The Department 56 Dicken's Village Ebenezer Scrooge House is part the Christmas Carol collection from Christmas Tree Hill and is as true to the book's original description as possible. The home is just one part of the Christmas Carol collection and can be paired with other buildings from the town or figurines for a complete tabletop homage to the Christmas classic. Order the Scrooge and Marley Counting House or the Humbug Uncle figurine to grow your collection and complete your town.

Shop at Christmas Tree Hill to order your favorite Dept. 56 Dicken's Village A Christmas Carol collectibles and create your own tiny town dedicated to your favorite Christmas story. The Ebenezer Scrooge House is just one of the pieces we offer and a great way to start a new collection or to expand on an existing town. Shop today and see why so many families have been coming to a Christmas Tree Hill since 1971.


  1. Hand-painted design
  2. Interior scene revolves
  3. Size 10" x 10 1/4" x 8 1/4"