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Candle Warmer - "Rustic Brown Hurricane Candle Warmer"

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Get more enjoyment from your favorite candles with the Rustic Brown Hurricane Candle Warmer from Christmas Tree Hill. The rustic design looks like a traditional lantern, but is actually an electric candle warmer. The patented lamp creates the ambiance of a burning candle and even melts the candle from the top down to better release the fragrance. The lamp is large enough to accommodate 22-ounce jar candles and can work with any of your favorite brands.

The Rustic Brown Hurricane Candle Warmer from Christmas Tree Hill offers near-instant ambiance at a value price. The candle warmer is affordable and efficient, quickly warming your candle and releasing its fragrance. Candle warmers are easy to use, and the heat source is a simple 25-watt halogen bulb. Replacement bulbs for the candle warmer lamp are also available from Christmas Tree Hill. Order your Hurricane Candle Warmer and your next favorite scented candle at Christmas Tree Hill and enjoy filling your home with fragrance. Change your candle seasonally or every day as a special treat to yourself.


  • Large 22-ounce jar candles are recommended
  • Candle not included

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