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Decorative Table Mirror - 3 Birds - Cream - 8.25 x 6in

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Your home isn't complete without a Decorative Table Mirror from Christmas Tree Hill. Featuring a trio of cast resin birds, the mirror has a cream finish and a wide frame that will enhance any space. Designed to rest on a tabletop or dresser, the mirror offers a clear image of the viewer and plenty of style. This attractive piece measures 8 1/4 inches long by six inches high. A beautiful painted finish in a monotone cream color gives the mirror a contemporary feel you'll love.

Functional Art

The Decorative Table Mirror with three birds can only be described as functional art. Perfect for collectors, bird watchers and more, this mirror playfully puts three birds in the front and center. The design draws the viewer's eyes to the birds before they go to the surface of the mirror to admire their own reflection. The decorative table mirror comes with a built-in stand for convenience and ease of placement. Use the mirror as it is intended or place it as functional art to liven up your home's décor. The bird mirror goes great with rustic country décor.

Collectible Style

For anyone that collects birds and bird décor, a bird mirror is a must-have. The Decorative Table Mirror from Christmas Tree Hill features three feathered friends looking directly into the mirror while they perch along the frame. The tabletop piece is finished with cream paint, and the unique monotone aesthetic gives the mirror a very modern feel. Whether you collect all bird décor or just pieces that feature a particular type of bird, this imaginative mirror can be a great addition.

Visit Christmas Tree Hill to shop for Decorative Table Mirrors and breathe new life into your home. Our mirrors are value-priced and deliver more than just a quick look at your reflection. Order the Decorative Table Mirror for yourself or for a friend that collects all types of bird décor. Christmas Tree Hill has been around since 1971 and strives to offer the best selection of unique home décor, gifts and more.


  • Style: Rustic Cream Three Birds Mirror
  • Material: Resin
  • Size: 8 1/4" L x 2 1/4" W x 6" H