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Window Candle - Electric Country Candle Light - 4in
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Window Candle - Electric Country Candle Light - 4in

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If you love the look of traditional electric window candles, but crave something a little more original, Electric Country Window Candles from Christmas Tree Hill may be just what you need. The candle measures 4 inches tall and is corded so you won't have to worry about replacing batteries. The polarized cord and fused plug are UL listed to provide extra safety while using the light at night. The window candle has a four-inch tall base that's dark green in color. The beautifully detailed design strikes the perfect balance between antique and modern.

Give your Electric Country Candle Light an authentic look with the addition of a silicone candle lamp bulb. The extra-long tip is designed to artfully weep, making it look like it is melting. Replacement silicone bulbs are sold in two-piece packages and are priced low so keeping the light on is easy and affordable. Shop for electric plug-in candle lights today and indulge in a simple holiday tradition. Window lights are sold individually and are value priced, so pick one up for every window in your house.


  • Height without Bulb: 4 inches
  • Base Color: dark green
  • Base Diameter: approximately 2 1/2 inches

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