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Department 56 Halloween Figurines and Buildings

Get more mileage out of your tabletop town by decorating it for Halloween with buildings and figures from the Department 56 Snow Village Halloween collection. From spooky storefronts to ghoulish villagers, the Halloween collection at Christmas Tree Hill is frightfully wonderful. Mix and match Halloween figures to create a haunted tabletop town you can enjoy all throughout the fall. For true Halloween lovers, the Dept. 56 Snow Village Halloween collection can become a year-round centerpiece, with the addition of figurines and Dept. 56 Halloween houses to suit any season. Additional figures are available to purchase throughout the year so you can grow your display when it's convenient for you.

Haunted Houses

Halloween only happens once a year, but with Department 56 Halloween houses and spooky storefronts from the Department 56 Snow Village Halloween collection, you can celebrate All Hallows Eve all year round. Create a town of haunted houses or incorporate a few spooky stores into your own Halloween-themed village. Make your town as scary as you like by shopping for individual storefronts, homes and villagers. The tiny town buildings have spooky twists like witchy accents, barren trees and ghoulish glowing windows that will add a real fright to your tabletop display. Select pieces can even be lit to add a ghoulish glow to the ghastly designs. Replacement bulbs and power cords are also available separately to keep your Halloween town a spook-tacular looking as possible.

In addition to houses, our Halloween collection includes a variety of stores and community buildings to complete your Dept. 56 Halloween display. Each piece is completely freestanding and is made in the same scale as most other Department 56 collections. That means you can mix and match Halloween pieces with your other tabletop display pieces to turn your town into a year-round work of art. Order a Haunted Cemetery Shed for your graveyard or a Haunted Church for the faithful and put a look scare into your tiny village.

Spooky Citizens

Your town may be haunted, but that won't stop a spooky crew from moving in. Give your villagers a ghoulish makeover to celebrate the haunted holiday. Witches, zombies and even skeletons can grass the streets of your tabletop town, adding a frightfully fun finish to your design. All of the Department 56 Halloween figurines are made in the brand's trademark style with exceptional attention to detail and plenty of ghoulish glamour. You might also notice that the Halloween town citizens are often wearing shades of purple and orange in honor of the frightful holiday.

Visit Christmas Tree Hill to celebrate Halloween in style. Our selection of Department 56 Halloween figures offer the perfect opportunity to create a spooky tabletop display that you can enjoy all year long or only in the fall. Start a new Halloween town or add on to your existing collection with our high-quality, high-interest pieces. Christmas Tree Hill has been in business since 1971 and continues to offer premium holiday accessories, unique gifts and fantastic finds at affordable prices. Shop online today and discover what a scary good selection we have.